Misfit Disciples in an Orthodox World

Misfit Disciples in an Orthodox World
"You had better be a round peg in a square hole than a round peg in a round hole. The latter is in for life, while the first is only an indeterminate sentence." – Elbert Hubbard

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolution of Peace

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Peace outside the auspices of clearly defined boundaries and mutual expectations is entirely unmanageable...

Genuine peace acquired at the expense of one's personal sense of dignity,  is not really peace at all, but rather an illusion. Let there be no mistaking, real peace is exacting of all who dare to seek her abode. Bearing the visage of sacrifice, all who seek haven therein must equally bear the toll. Lacking mutual distribution, such imbalance will breed nothing but chaos, ultimately leading to the dregs of contempt. With the vengeance of a tumultuous wake, the likes of which will carry each disillusioned soul far from the harborage of peace.

Carried along by this subversive current, and driven furiously toward certain  destruction, these ill-fated consumers will become nothing more than wreckage, eternally littering across the graveyard of personal pursuit. All will marvel at their end,  wondering at their inability to properly estimate the true value of peace, and her supernal provisions. Such folly will always be marked with the inevitable wreckage of selfish intent.